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The EU on the visibility of RFID

The EU is conducting a new online consultancy on privacy, data protection and information security principles in RFID applications. I am happy to see that in Article 5 they begin to address the invisible nature of RFID readers in public space: “RFID applications can technically operate without any visible or otherwise perceivable action [...]” They [...]

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RFID and unique physical form

Lisa Smith is a Masters of Design student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago / Designed objects. I first encountered her work through pictures of her project ‘Cuteness generator’ on Flickr. This looks like a lovely project dealing with many issues through visual, physical and interactional material. One of the key aspects [...]

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Fictional radio-spaces

In spring 2007 interaction design students at AHO participated in a research-driven course called Tangible interactions that investigated themes around RFID, NFC and the Touch project. This is one of the projects that emerged from the course. In this project called “the bubbles of radio” Ingeborg Marie Dehs Thomas used critical, visual design as a [...]

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Mapping RFID

RFID: Mapping Future Histories was a workshop that took place at the recent Recalling RFID conference in Amsterdam. The workshop attempted to visually map some of the issues around RFID by using various methods to extract language, location, time and ranking from various web services. The workshop was initiated by the Digital Methods Initiative that [...]

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Touch is the new click

Noticed this headline today on the Innovision Research & Technology website: Interesting that they are comparing RFID/NFC to a Button.

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A graphic language for RFID

This is a design brief, one of many themes that the Touch project is investigating. RFID is being used for an increasing number of interactions with everyday infrastructures. From travelcards, keyless entry, passports and micropayments to content downloads, smart posters and digital wallets on mobile phones. Attempts have been made to represent these interactions graphically [...]

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Characters for mobile etiquette

Seen last year on France’s TGV trains, two icons that indicate areas where mobile phone use is allowed: Awake Asleep Some evidence that characters work well beyond the archetypical Suica Penguin…

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The dashed line in use

In previous work I have advocated for the use of dashed lines, my paper for Mobile HCI 2006 [pdf] represents Touch-based interactions with dashed lines, and work on ubicomp iconography uses the dashed line to represent borders, or seams. I’ve had trouble justifying my excitement about this intricate visual detail, so I thought it would [...]

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