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RFID hacking workshop

So this week Touch is running an informal workshop where we are looking at the materiality of RFID, potentials in Radio Frequency and EMF, and building simple interactions and services using the technology. With us this week are Matt and Jack of Schulze & Webb, Even, Simen and Alex from Bengler, and Matt Karau (formerly [...]

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Phidget RFID

Ten Phidget RFID boards arrived today. The Phidgets are an extremely cheap prototyping platform for simple RFID. They are low power, with a maximum read range of about 8 centimetres, so perfect for quick interaction prototyping of near-field applications. We’re planning to build some table based applications, and to use them in student projects. The [...]

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Phantom geometry and tissue-simulant liquids

I’m investigating the visualisation of electromagnetic fields, part of our exploratory process to look at the materiality of RFID. What are we talking about when we say ‘touch-based interaction’ or ‘near field’ for instance? This investigation threw up an interesting company: Indexsar specialises in: “Turnkey test systems for the measurement of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) [...]

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Developing NFC applications

Judging by the number of emails we have received, there is great interest in software and hardware development of NFC applications. The main stumbling block at the moment seems to be working out what development platform to use, and knowing where to get hold of development kits for the various handsets and servers needed to [...]

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