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RFID hello world

In what must be one of the quickest ‘Hello world’ experiences, the Phidgets RFID reader was up and running on OS X in about 2 minutes after unpackaging. Phidgets must be congratulated for making such accessible and immediate physical computing hardware and software. A simple Cocoa application reading RFID serial numbers, and playing with RFID [...]

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Phantom geometry and tissue-simulant liquids

I’m investigating the visualisation of electromagnetic fields, part of our exploratory process to look at the materiality of RFID. What are we talking about when we say ‘touch-based interaction’ or ‘near field’ for instance? This investigation threw up an interesting company: Indexsar specialises in: “Turnkey test systems for the measurement of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) [...]

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The dashed line

I can trace my enthusiasm for the dashed line back to this poster in Norway. The poster advertises the multiple ways of submitting your tax return: via SMS, internet or post. Something resonated here, and I’m thinking more and more that the dashed line is the right way to visually expose the seams of ubiquitous [...]

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RFID books, weblogs and resources

There are a growing number of resources for RFID and related technologies, so I thought it would be useful to compile a list of the resources and reading material that I am finding valuable. It may be updated as new things become available. Books Some recommended books on RFID theory and practice. RFID: Applications, Security, [...]

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Upcoming events

Two upcoming events in New York: Identity and Identification in a Networked World This is a free symposium open to all on the 29-30 September 2006 organised by graduates at the NYU School of Law. Increasingly, who we are is represented by key bits of information scattered throughout the data-intensive, networked world. Online and off, [...]

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Mobile Interaction with the Real World

My short position paper “A graphic language for touch-based interactions” has been accepted to the Mobile HCI 2006 workshop Mobile Interaction with the Real World. The workshop aims to “develop an understanding of how mobile devices (particularly mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs) can be used as interaction devices. [...] we aim to develop new ideas [...]

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RFID in Seoul: first impressions

I’m in Seoul, South Korea looking at the use of mobile technology and RFID. The first encounter with RFID came only an hour or so off the plane by the Metro ticketing machines, a kind lady showed a mobile phone strap that contained a T Money card: Within a few minutes I had a charged [...]

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Reboot 8: Mobile presence

The thing that struck me most at Reboot 8 was the emergence of the mobile as a platform. In particular, this platform is finally allowing the kinds of 3rd party and community development that we have been lacking for the last few years. The first signs of this are simple modifications to existing applications and [...]

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