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Recent NFC news and links

Some recent news and links: The Daily Telegraph reports that the London Oyster card may soon offer NFC at least in a trial form: “Mobile phone companies Orange, O2 and Nokia are in talks with Transport for London about using phones instead of Oyster Cards to pay for tube tickets [...] O2 is talking to [...]

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The universal controller

This is a design brief, one of many themes that the Touch project is investigating. Much research in ubiquitous computing focuses on the idea of a universal controller; a device that can adapt from making phonecalls to controlling the air conditioning. The mobile phone is seen as a good platform for controlling interactions in a [...]

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Mobile Camp NYC

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be presenting at Mobile Camp NYC on Saturday 19th May in New York City. I’ll be presenting some history and context around Physical Hyperlinks and Touch-based interactions. Update Download my presentation here [PDF, 1.8 Mb]

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NFC access control

This is a design brief, one of many themes that the Touch project is investigating. RFID and NFC can be used to provide access to places in the same way as traditional keys or tickets. This brief emerged from a frustration with existing access control systems. For interfaces of such potential simplicity they are often [...]

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Touch design briefs

The Touch project has been investigating applications and services for RFID and NFC since 2005. Although RFID and NFC have been much hyped, the technologies have been relatively little explored from a design perspective. We have discovered many opportunities for original explorations, studies and design projects. At the beginning of 2007, as we started to [...]

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Framtidens mobil / near future of mobility

Norsk Form, the centre for design, architecture and urban area planning, hosted an evening seminar on the Near future of mobility on 11 April 2007. The seminar intended to look at trends and patterns in the design of mobile devices and services. The Touch project was invited to present alongside Anne Galloway and Tapani Jokinen, [...]

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Characters for mobile etiquette

Seen last year on France’s TGV trains, two icons that indicate areas where mobile phone use is allowed: Awake Asleep Some evidence that characters work well beyond the archetypical Suica Penguin…

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Bluetooth 2.1 incorporating NFC

The Bluetooth people are now getting on the NFC bandwaggon, the following video shows Mike Foley of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group demonstrating features that are NFC-based: Bluetooth has historically lacked a compelling ‘user-experience’, with passcodes and security getting in the way of adept interactions. It’s interesting here to see how NFC is being introduced [...]

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