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Physical hyperlinks presentation at XTech

Our presentation on Physical Hyperlinks has been accepted to XTech 2007. The presentation will be an overview of some of the concepts around physical hyperlinking, and perhaps some ideas about why it may not be a good interaction model for all situations. Here is the description: From Cooltown to CueCat, the physical hyperlink has been [...]

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From workshopping to designing

This autumn we have run the Near field interactions workshop at Nordichi, the RFID hacking workshop at AHO both of which resulted in many product ideas and early prototypes. The project has also been part of workshops such as MIRW at Mobile HCI. Many people have been passing through Oslo including Adam Greenfield and Bruce [...]

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RFID hacking workshop

So this week Touch is running an informal workshop where we are looking at the materiality of RFID, potentials in Radio Frequency and EMF, and building simple interactions and services using the technology. With us this week are Matt and Jack of Schulze & Webb, Even, Simen and Alex from Bengler, and Matt Karau (formerly [...]

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Post-nearfield interactions workshop

More photos at Flickr Last weekend’s workshop was intense and productive, everybody brought a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm which made the two days extremely exciting. Both Nicolas and Julian have already posted some notes and thoughts about the two days, and we shall write up a report of the event soon. So far [...]

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MIRW 2006

The workshop Mobile Interaction with the Real World (MIRW 2006) at Mobile HCI in Espoo was a timely gathering of practitioners concerned with similar issues: connecting the mobile phone to places and things. The proceedings [pdf] are now online, and well worth looking at. Some interesting excerpts from the papers: Telling a Story on a [...]

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Forskningstorget 2006

Touch is demonstrating some initial experiments with RFID, table based interfaces and rapid prototyped toys at Forskningstorget 2006. This is taking place on the 22 and 23 September in Universitetsplassen, at the end of Karl Johan’s Gate in Oslo. Come and see us!

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Nordichi workshop papers

Update The papers are available to download as PDF. A selection of images from submitted papers, click for larger image. The diverse range of topics and the varied backgrounds of the applicants for our Nordichi workshop in October is promising for a topic that spans architecture, hci, computer science, interaction and industrial design. We are [...]

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Upcoming events

Two upcoming events in New York: Identity and Identification in a Networked World This is a free symposium open to all on the 29-30 September 2006 organised by graduates at the NYU School of Law. Increasingly, who we are is represented by key bits of information scattered throughout the data-intensive, networked world. Online and off, [...]

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