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Touch at Picnic 07

We are at the Picnic 07 conference in Amsterdam, where we are participating in the Mediamatic RFID hackers camp. There are six projects using RFID to track, entertain, frighten and socialise the 1500 or so participants, who have all been tagged with RFID keychains. You can follow the progress at the Mediamatic weblog and come [...]

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Hackers Camp @ Picnic 07

Mediamatic is organising a Physical computing hackers camp in September. The workshop is for designers and hackers to put physical computing ideas into practice with lots of users. The workshop takes place just before Picnic 07. “A great opportunity to try out your physical computing fantasies with a large number of live-stock. Mediamatic will be [...]

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Sniff wins prize for ‘Design for all’

Sara Johansson’s project ‘Sniff’ has won the IT Funk prize for best student project in Design for all at this year’s Oslo School of Architecture & Design prize giving. “Sniff is a toy dog that gives feedback through sounds and vibrations on tagged objects that comes close to his nose. The use can be in [...]

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MIRW 2007

A new workshop on Mobile Interaction with the Real World is taking place at Mobile HCI in Singapore this September. Following the success of Mobile Interaction with the Real World; at MobileHCI 2006, we would like to continue this workshop as a forum that concentrates on mobile interactions with real world objects. Among the questions [...]

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Mobile Camp NYC

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be presenting at Mobile Camp NYC on Saturday 19th May in New York City. I’ll be presenting some history and context around Physical Hyperlinks and Touch-based interactions. Update Download my presentation here [PDF, 1.8 Mb]

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Hybrid World Lab slides

This week at the Hybrid World Lab at Mediamatic I have given five presentations related to NFC, physical, tangible, social interactions and design methodology. Here are the slides for each of those presentations. They are PDF files. Designing between things, places and people An introduction to some of my work and current work in the [...]

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Framtidens mobil / near future of mobility

Norsk Form, the centre for design, architecture and urban area planning, hosted an evening seminar on the Near future of mobility on 11 April 2007. The seminar intended to look at trends and patterns in the design of mobile devices and services. The Touch project was invited to present alongside Anne Galloway and Tapani Jokinen, [...]

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Hybrid World Lab

I’m pleased to announce that we will be involved in the Hybrid World Lab at Mediamatic in Amsterdam from 7 – 11 May 2007: Mediamatic organizes a new workshop in which the participants develop prototypes for hybrid world media applications. Where the virtual world and the physical world used to be quite separated realms of [...]

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