Sniff is designed as a companion in daily situations as well as in play and games, alone or together with other children, and including one or more Sniffs. Special attention has been devoted to the design of interaction between sound and vibration. Auditory feedback is important for the sociality of the toy, and makes it possible for a larger number of people to participate in play. Haptic feedback deepens the experience, support hands-on operation and creates a special bond between user and toy.

Interactive concepts

Below are three concepts that show some of Sniff's applications areas. These concepts show the potential of Sniff as a platform; game play, physical exploration and social relations. All the concepts have been designed as starting points and should be seen as opening up for new and emergent playful activities.

Melody Game


A set of RFID objects are shaped as small pebbles, without any visible clues to their content. The irregular shapes with softly curved surfaces aim to use tactile instead of visible beauty to make the pebbles desirable to play with, collect and exchange. Sniff plays back a small section of a melody from a common children's song when he sniffs each pebble. Place them in correct order, like a puzzle, and play with rhythmic gestures. An activity to do alone, or as a game together with friends.


Emotion Stickers


A set of stickers consists of four emotions that are easily distinguishable; happy, sad, excited and scared. The stickers add emotions to physical spaces. These can be used as reactions to something either from the childs or the Sniff's point of view. Emotion Stickers can be placed around the home both by the child and family members. The emotions connected to arfefacts or placement can be changed by switching stickers. The stickers are marked with contrasting graphics, and a bright colour that indicate content. Without telling it exactly; the sticker has to be explored to recieve the feedback. Emotion Stickers can also be used as reactions in daily activities, where Sniff acts as a companion for morning or evening rituals.


Behaviour Badges

These badges can be attached to clothes or other soft materials, and activate different behavioural feedback in Sniff when he gets close to them. Each badge has symbolic graphics to indicate who you might want to give it to. There is one badge for the owner of Sniff, a few are for friends and some for enemies. The surprise badges work as a game among friends, and contains an unexpected mix of behavioural expressions like sneezing, barking, howling and grunting. There are also feedbacks for the everyday actions of Sniff, like eating and sleeping. This supports the personal relation between owner and toy.