[T]he Dogon, who are very tactile in daily interaction, easily and frequently touching each others’ bodies, have a magical defense that does not center on the skin, while the much less tactile Kapsiki do concentrate protection on the individual’s skin. The evil coming from outside the Dogon community is not brought about by abnormal persons, but by unidentifiable normal people, while in the Kapsiki case the supernatural danger comes from abnormal people who are fairly well known.

  • Source: Beek, W. E. A. van. “The innocent sorcerer: coping with evil in two African societies (Kapsiki & Dogon)” in Religion in Africa : experience & expression, edited by Thomas D. Blakely, Walter E. A. van Beek, Dennis L. Thompson, pp. 196-228. London: J. Currey, 1994.
  • Culture: Dogon
  • Location: Africa