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This ceremony is followed by a downright indecent rough and tumble, in which all join, men and women, boys and girls. They pelt one another with soft rice boiled in soot, fling one another on the ground, rub one another all over with slush until their bodies are caked with the filth. A naked man with an idiotic simper on his face wanders in and out among the crowd of revellers, and the women are made to touch his organ as he passes in and out among them. This is presumably in honour of his manhood and power, and may be simply a survival of primitive worship. The grossest licence is permitted during the quarter of an hour this orgie prevails.

  • Source: Low, Hugh Brooke. “The natives of Borneo: edited from the papers of the late Brooke Low, Esq.” The Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britian and Ireland 21:110-137, 1892.
  • Culture: Iban
  • Location: Asia