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Contaminate: A woman at the time of her courses must… | re/touch: an encyclopædia of touch and culture



A woman at the time of her courses must carefully avoid even to approach her husband. Even her breath is considered as impure: should it touch her husband or any other man; it would contaminate him, and destroy his chance in sea-hunting pursuits.

  • Source: Bogoraz-Tan, Vladimir Germanovich (Bogoras, Waldemar). The Chukchee: material culture [part 1], religion [part 2], social organization [part 3]. Leiden ; New York: E. J. Brill, Ltd. ; G. E. Stechert and Co., 1904 [Part 1] ; 1907 [Part 2] 1909 [Part 3].
  • Culture: Chukchee
  • Location: Asia