The person performing a ‘spell’ may also injure his victim by throwing its image, made of grass, between his own legs, which he has spread apart for the purpose. The person doing this must bend for the action so as to touch the ground with his head, and then throw the image with the greatest possible force. The image must be left on the spot, exposed to the open air. In the same measure that it is damaged by the progress of time, the victim also sickens, and finally dies.

  • Source: Bogoraz-Tan, Vladimir Germanovich (Bogoras, Waldemar). The Chukchee: material culture [part 1], religion [part 2], social organization [part 3]. Leiden ; New York: E. J. Brill, Ltd. ; G. E. Stechert and Co., 1904 [Part 1] ; 1907 [Part 2] 1909 [Part 3].
  • Culture: Chukchee
  • Location: Asia