After her bath the girl is seated on a white stool in the space outside her house, if it is large enough to contain the throng of people that will soon be invading it. This ‘enstoolment’ is performed ceremonially by an old woman who first lowers and raises the girl three times upon the stool, taking care, each time, that her buttocks make contact with its surface. The girl is dressed in such a way that one cloth covers the lower part of her body from waist to feet, and a second stretches from the head to the waist, leaving only the face bare. The stool on which she sits may not touch the ground, but must stand on a mat covered with a blanket, or with a kente cloth.

  • Source: Sarpong, Peter. Girls’ nubility rites on Ashanti. Tema: Ghana Pub. Corp., 1977.
  • Culture: Akan
  • Location: Africa