I was’, he said, ‘very fond of my mother, and almost constantly with her’. He was so fond of her that he followed her to the local markets, to her mother’s grave when she went there to make sacrifices, and could not keep away from her during her menstruous periods when, by Igbo custom, women should stay away from men, especially titled men in order to avoid the ritual contamination of those personages. On this Equiano says: I was so fond of my mother I could not keep from her, or avoid touching her at some of those periods in consequence of which I was obliged to be kept out with her, in a little house made for that purpose, till offering was made, and then we were purified.

  • Source: Afigbo, A. E. Ropes of sand: studies in Igbo history and culture. Ibadan [Nigeria] ; New York: University Press in association with Oxford University Press, 1981.
  • Culture: Igbo
  • Location: Africa