In the middle of a clear space laid out upon the ground two players assemble a pile of small stones; one of the players takes a handful of them which he throws into the air in order to catch them on the back, and then in the palm, of his hand. He keeps those which he has been able to hold on to. His partner separates with a mark, executed with a finger, two of the fallen stones and casts them one upon the other with a flick while saying: tay. If the pebbles touch one another, he keeps them and begins again until he misses. In the latter case, someone else then tries. When only one pebble remains, one of the players grabs it and throws it into the air in order to catch it once upon the back, then once in the palm, of his hand while saying tim tim. If he misses his turn the pebble belongs to his adversary.

  • Source: Griaule, Marcel. Dogon games. Paris: Institut d’Ethnologie, 1938.
  • Culture: Dogon
  • Location: Africa