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Exhibitions and demonstrators

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Orooni Table Demonstrator by Kjetil Nordby and Timo Arnall. Nordichi 2006 in Aesthetic Artefacts. Oslo, 16-18 October 2006.

Orooni Table Demonstrator by Kjetil Nordby and Timo Arnall. Forskningstorget 2006. Oslo, 22-23 September 2006.


Sonmicro hardware and Mifare hacking workshop. AHO. Organised by Tom Igoe. 11 March 2008.

RFID hardware workshop. AHO. Organised by Timo Arnall. 18-20 October 2006.

Near Field Interactions workshop. Organisers: Timo Arnall, Nicolas Nova and Julian Bleecker. 14-15 October 2006.

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The Touch weblog is one of the main channels for communicating Touch activities. It receives about 10,000 pageviews a month, with 6,000 unique visitors.

Re/touch is an online resource cataloguing cross-cultural examples of social norms and values involving touch.

Touch is also active in other forms of social media, including Flickr groups and Vimeo channels.

Other media

Nearness featured in Metro newspaper (UK, circulation 1,361,306). 17 September 2009. Online version.

Sniff featured in Dagbladet’s 50 things, places and people for 2008. Norway 30 December 2007.

Interview for NRK Kulturnytt on the future of mobile phones. 12 April 2007.

Various projects featured in Wired 1 Wired 2 (US), The Industry Standard, Engadget (US), Le Monde 1, Le Monde 2, Le Monde 3 (FR), Metro, Core77, Today and tomorrow, Smashing Magazine, Businessweek (US), The Unofficial Apple Weblog (US), (NO), The RFID Journal (US), Softpedia, PSFK (UK), Gizmodo (US), Boingboing, Make Magazine (US), Switched, Nokia Conversations, Frog Design, The Register (UK), (DE), Jandan (CN), Mycom (JP), (NL), iBlog Brasil (BR), Swissmedia (CH), ZDNet, Mela (IT), Mobiledevice (RU), Infosthetics 1 2 (AUS), The Next Web, MacRumours, Drawn (CA), the RFID-weblog (US), Slashdot (US) and others.