Touch is an inter-disciplinary project and connected to an array of international industries, projects and practitioners.

Timo Arnall

Timo leads the Touch project after successfully proposing NFC as a research area to the Norwegian Research Council in 2005. Timo has a history of design in diverse media: from broadcast design to advertising, web and interaction design for mobile services, including work on the first mobile social software platforms in 2000. Timo has lectured in interaction design, physical computing and design methodology at the Oslo School of Architecture & Design (AHO).

Kjetil Nordby

Kjetil is an industrial designer with a Master in interaction design from Umeå. He has lectured, tutored and censored students at Oslo School of Architecture & Design and held courses at the University of Oslo.

Kjetil is co-founder of Orooni AS and has worked for several leading Norwegian companies on diverse topics: Lamp design (luxo), Augmented reality robot programming (ABB Research), future mobile services (Telenor R&D), Office chair design (HAAG) and instant messaging systems (Orooni AS). He holds an interface patent for the Orooni messenger and has participated in 12 national and international exhibitions.

Kjetil is creating a three year PhD as part of the project.

Einar Sneve Martinussen

Einar has a background from architecture and urbanism and has recently completed his diploma thesis on urban computing at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Research interests include everyday life and technology in domestic, urban and rural spaces. His previous work include sound, electronics and gaming.

Anne Galloway

Anne Galloway is a social researcher working at the intersections of technology, space and culture. Anne writes at purselipsquarejaw and spaceandculture journal. Anne is studying the cross-cultural meanings of touch, working on exploratory design probes, interviews and observations and creating design briefs around the findings.

Stian Børresen

Stian Børresen is a software developer with a history of work in large media, 3D and mobile applications. Stian specialises in mobile applications and is an expert in NFC development as part of the Touch project.

Andrew Morrison

Andrew Morrison is Professor of Interdisciplinary Design at AHO where he works on projects in interaction and communication design as well as the PhD programme. He is currently supervising 9 PhD students and also a visiting researcher at InterMedia, University of Oslo, where he formerly headed the Communication Design research group. Andrew’s published widely in discourse studies, language education, digital media studies and interdisciplinary and digital design research, including locative and collaborative mobile narrative. He reviews for several journals and conferences and enjoys working with design groups and innovators as part of bridging distances between theory and practice.

Simon Clatworthy

Simon Clatworthy is Professor of Interaction Design at AHO. Simon brings strong research management and leadership skills to the project with a history of work with emerging technologies at companies such as Telenor.


The project works with masters-level students from interaction and industrial design at AHO.

Katarina Kjelland, Knut-Jørgen V Rishaug, Sara Johansson, Markus Utomo, Einar Sneve Martinussen, Jørn Knutsen, Øyvind Østmo, André Granly, David Vågenes, Ingeborg Marie Dehs Thomas and Una Bjerkan Heimstad.

Alice Andreoli, Christer Carlsson, Fan Fan, Gunnar Bothner-By, Ingrid Alice Clausen, Knut Karlsen, Kyrre M. Kalseth, Marianne Rolfsen, Martin Sandstø, Natacha Ruivo and Silje Softing.

Ane, Astrid, Bilal, Brynjar, Elisa, Erik, Karin , Kjetil, Marius, Miray, Ruben and Stine