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Recalling RFID

Recalling RFID was exceptionally successful at creating a space where diverse viewpoints on RFID were expressed, shared and debated. The level of understanding of the issues from all sides was very high. This resulted in a measured sense of agreement, rather than opposition. I found this rather refreshing and even managed to concentrate through lengthy [...]

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Green Touch at Dott07

In collaboration with Helsinki-based development project Social Objects we have developed an installation called Green Touch. The exhibition encourage visitors to touch the design objects on display with mobile devices, in order to explore different aspects of their making, production and impact. Green Touch builds upon Thinglink that socially connects and creates information surrounding products, [...]

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‘Touch orders’ with ‘RFID dongles’

A while ago some interesting projects attached passive RFID tags to ordinary mobile phones to enable participation within RFID-based ticketing, payment or infrastructure. I wrote about this way of retro-fitting mobile phones with RFID. Simply attaching passive RFID tags to mobile handsets allows new functions to be added without integration into the phone itself. This [...]

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Touch at Recalling RFID

I will be presenting at Recalling RFID in Amsterdam on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 October 2007. The programme includes ‘presentations and debates on RFID and digital connectivity scenarios with speakers from the industry, researchers, artists, privacy advocates, programmers and consultants.’ “It’s in travel documents, building passes, pet animals, clothing stores, libraries, public pools, theme [...]

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Photos and connections

Our photo booth is now up and running in the Extraction Hall East at Picnic 07. It is a very conceptually simple ‘photo booth that knows your name’. Physically it’s a large enclosure that takes pictures of participants, when they touch their RFID tags to a spot inside the booth. The photos get uploaded to [...]

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Touch at Picnic 07

We are at the Picnic 07 conference in Amsterdam, where we are participating in the Mediamatic RFID hackers camp. There are six projects using RFID to track, entertain, frighten and socialise the 1500 or so participants, who have all been tagged with RFID keychains. You can follow the progress at the Mediamatic weblog and come [...]

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Time, motion and touch

The rhetoric of ‘mobile life’ is that technology will make motion more possible, easier, and that having access to information will make our lives easier, transcending time and space. This spectacular notion of global mobility has been around since the mobile phone became an essential business tool. Indeed mobile telephony, mostly voice and SMS has [...]

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Sparkfun now selling ID12 readers

We have been making a lot of prototypes with the Innovations ID12 RFID readers in the past few months. We’ve been getting them from the super-helpful Core RFID, and now Sparkfun is selling them. The ID12s measure just 25mm x 26mm and include their own antenna. They are great because they are packaged in a [...]

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