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More upcoming RFID events

On Monday 8th May the RFID Innovasjonssenter is having it’s opening event in Oslo (See here for more details in Norwegian). The project is centred around logistics and the supply chain, but they mention NFC, so there might be relevant things for Touch. Then there is the Internet of Things workshop from 9-11 May at [...]

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Practical explorations

Interesting meeting with Dori, Maz and others at KHiO today, discussing overlap of themes between Touch and KHiO disciplines like furniture, fashion, communication and space-design. This is a brief mapping of the things we discussed linked to ideas in the project. Very interesting to explore future directions like this.

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A PhD in Touch

Radio Frequency IDentification is a wireless technology that is is currently finding applications in the replacement of barcodes in supply chains and logistics. This cheap and potentially ubiquitous technology is likely to influence the interactions we have with many products and services. The Touch project therefore looks at user-centred applications of the technology. A PhD [...]

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Look at the logo on the left, a great icon for proximity interaction. A shame it’s a logo for an advertising company.

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Upcoming conferences

There are two ‘Internet of Things’ workshops in the next couple of months, the first is called From RFID to the Internet of Things from 6-7 March 2006 at the EU in Brussels: A two day conference in relation to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based systems and their evolution towards ever smarter networked objects. Issues [...]

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A snapshot of future directions: RFID Applications, security and privacy Fitting the task to the man Shaping things Thoughtless acts Objects of Desire The meaning of things Spychips

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Touch project

Touch is a research project at the Interaction Design department at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Touch takes a user-centred approach to Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC is a technology that enables connections between mobile phones and real-world objects: bridging the gap between the real and the virtual. Nokia 3220 NFC Shell NFC [...]

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