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From workshopping to designing

This autumn we have run the Near field interactions workshop at Nordichi, the RFID hacking workshop at AHO both of which resulted in many product ideas and early prototypes. The project has also been part of workshops such as MIRW at Mobile HCI. Many people have been passing through Oslo including Adam Greenfield and Bruce [...]

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RFID hacking workshop

So this week Touch is running an informal workshop where we are looking at the materiality of RFID, potentials in Radio Frequency and EMF, and building simple interactions and services using the technology. With us this week are Matt and Jack of Schulze & Webb, Even, Simen and Alex from Bengler, and Matt Karau (formerly [...]

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Post-nearfield interactions workshop

More photos at Flickr Last weekend’s workshop was intense and productive, everybody brought a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm which made the two days extremely exciting. Both Nicolas and Julian have already posted some notes and thoughts about the two days, and we shall write up a report of the event soon. So far [...]

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The dashed line in use

In previous work I have advocated for the use of dashed lines, my paper for Mobile HCI 2006 [pdf] represents Touch-based interactions with dashed lines, and work on ubicomp iconography uses the dashed line to represent borders, or seams. I’ve had trouble justifying my excitement about this intricate visual detail, so I thought it would [...]

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Everyware icons (visualising ubicomp situations)

In December 2005 Adam Greenfield asked me to work with him on icon concepts for his book Everyware. Here is Adam’s description of his book: “The age of ubiquitous computing is here: a computing without computers, where information processing has diffused into everyday life, and virtually disappeared from view. What does this mean to those [...]

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MIRW 2006

The workshop Mobile Interaction with the Real World (MIRW 2006) at Mobile HCI in Espoo was a timely gathering of practitioners concerned with similar issues: connecting the mobile phone to places and things. The proceedings [pdf] are now online, and well worth looking at. Some interesting excerpts from the papers: Telling a Story on a [...]

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RFID in parkour & urban orienteering

First year industrial design students at AHO recently looked at training and fitness equipment. The course encouraged students to look at the interaction design aspects of training, and to include innovative interfaces in their physical designs. Theo Tveteras based his project around around the experience of Parkour in a project called urban orienteering. He designed [...]

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Orooni table

Although the Touch project is primarily about NFC and mobile phones, we recently created a table-based interface. Why have we done this? Because it’s a quick demonstrator of near-field interactions in a setup that is instantly accessible. Our intentions are: To probe the perceived relationships between physical characters and their digital counterparts. It isn’t yet [...]

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