Exhibiting Immaterials

A new exhibition, that brings together much of the work from the Touch project, called Immaterials opens this week in Brighton. The exhibition features new large-format prints and the films from many of the key works.

2 September, 14.34

The exhibition is based on Touch work such as Experiments in Field Drawing and Immaterials: Ghost in the Field that explored the immaterial and invisible aspects of RFID technology. From the exhibition text:

Our environment is comprised not only of the physical, visible architecture and infrastructure that we can see and touch, but also of immaterial and invisible technological infrastructures that have an increasingly profound impact on how we experience the world. WiFi, GPS, RFID and mobile networks are the invisible materials, mechanisms, and infrastructures which enable contemporary digital culture. But our inability to see these systems hinders our capacity to understand their importance.

2 September, 14.33

Alongside newer works such as Immaterials: Light Painting WiFi, Wireless in the world, Nearness, Robot Readable World and a premiere of the as yet unpublished Satellite Lamps this exhibition draws together these Immaterials projects for the first time. From the exhibition texts:

As designers we can reveal the materials behind the ‘seamless’ technologies that make up our everyday experience, and in doing so empower others to question, critique, re-imagine and re-make. As we increasingly inhabit technical systems, and enact society and culture through them, it seems dangerous to have so little idea about how these things work. Making visible material out of technological infrastructure is the first step towards understanding them. What we can’t see, we cannot critically evaluate.

2 September, 14.37

I’ve written about the history and development of the Immaterials project, and what these works mean when taken together, here. Thanks to Honor and everyone at Lighthouse for bringing the exhibition to life.

The exhibitions

All the Immaterials projects are on display at Lighthouse in Brighton from 5 September until 13 October 2013 as part of the Brighton Digital Festival 2013.

Satellite Lamps and Robot Readable World are on display at Dread in Amsterdam from 7 September until 24 November 2013.

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