The first NFC appliance

Nokia has announced the Play 360°, a portable speaker that on the surface looks like a fairly ordinary bluetooth-enabled, battery powered speaker system.

The interesting bit is that this is the first appliance (that I can buy in a shop) that does things when touched with a mobile phone:

The NFC interaction is demonstrated first-hand with the newly announced NFC-enabled Nokia N9 in this Engadget video.

Nokia has been pushing NFC since 2004, but mainly towards ticketing, payment and ‘smart posters’. We’ve been pushing for more constrained, local and ad-hoc applications of NFC and it’ll be interesting to see if approach fares any better in the mass-market.

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  1. Joao 29 August 2011 at 3:46 #

    Many NFC Phones launched in the last days. BlackBerry 9350/60/70, Nokia comes with three new phones. No embedded secure element or SWP in the Nokias for secure payments. But… in the press release many words about NFC technology. Nokia is absolutely right pointing to the NFC sharing and pairing capabilitys. NFC is much more than mobile payments. For all available NFC Phones by country and by carrier.

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