Skål: playing with media

Skål _(Norwegian for bowl)_ is a product that has emerged from the “Bowl project”: It is a media player designed for the home that acts as the interface between physical objects and related digital media on a television.

This video shows Skål in action. A bowl sits on the living room table and a range of physical objects are used to trigger various kinds of media. For example a physical Moomin character like Little My will play a sequence from the Moomin cartoon where she is featured. Skål can control all kinds of digital media; movie-clips, Youtube channels, Flickr photo streams, home videos and online radio.

The product has been used as a probe to build our understanding of RFID technology in playful and domestic contexts and is the result of “extensive enquiry”: into the area. It differs from other similar products like “Touchatag”: and “Mirror”: by focusing specifically on direct and immediate tangible interaction with rich digital media. In some ways it is similar to the “iPhone RFID prototype”:, and here it reflects on the interchangeability of tags and readers in media interaction: RFID systems are symmetrical and interactions can be built through manipulating the reader (the iPhone) or the objects (Skål).

Skål website

Visit the “Skål website”: for more on the bowl and how it works and “Flickr”: for more images.

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  1. Scott 24 February 2010 at 13:21 #

    We are having a little discussion about the potential use of these devices over there, we are not experts but think this concept is very exciting:


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