Green Touch at Dott07

Green Touch demonstrator

In collaboration with Helsinki-based development project Social Objects we have developed an installation called Green Touch. The exhibition encourage visitors to touch the design objects on display with mobile devices, in order to explore different aspects of their making, production and impact.

Green Touch builds upon Thinglink that socially connects and creates information surrounding products, and brings the interface to mobile devices. We use the NFC-enabled Nokia 6131 to connect design objects to information about the maker, the materials and processes behind the objects. Although this has been explored from a system perspective – particularly with barcodes – here we focus on the experience of using a mobile interface to access this kind of information: through images, sound and tactile feedback.

Green Touch content

The installation consists of Finnish design products that all carry a unique story. The products are marked with Near Field Communication (NFC) tags that link to content that can be seen and heard on the mobile phone. When you touch these products with a Nokia 6131 they give you audiovisual and tactile feedback.

Come and see it demonstrated at Dott07 in Newcastle on Tuesday 23 October 2007.

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    Hi Timo,

    What RFID tags did you use for this project?


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