Hackers Camp @ Picnic 07


Mediamatic is organising a Physical computing hackers camp in September. The workshop is for designers and hackers to put physical computing ideas into practice with lots of users. The workshop takes place just before Picnic 07.

“A great opportunity to try out your physical computing fantasies with a large number of live-stock. Mediamatic will be providing a variety of resources with which the campers can build the projects including input and output gear that can be hooked up to RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi and the other hard- and software available on the site.”

The exciting thing from our perspective is the opportunity to have a large potential audience for the workshop, each Picnic 07 attendee will get an RFID badge. There is an opportunity to create interactive, playful, social applications with RFID technology for around 2000 festival attendees.

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  1. Posted 22 July 2007 at 23:40 | Permalink

    Hi Timo,

    Will you come to Amsterdam for Picnic? Would like to speak with you there..

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