Touch is the new click

Noticed this headline today on the Innovision Research & Technology website:

Touch is the new click

Interesting that they are comparing RFID/NFC to a Button.

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  1. Re/Touch: Inspiring touch-related interaction design One of the things that social and cultural research on touch attempts to grapple with is everything people are supposed to touch and not supposed to touch—and what we actually end up touching or......

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  1. Posted 18 July 2007 at 20:19 | Permalink

    after having tried out the iphone i am very much convinced as well that touch is the new click and we might even get used to use more of our fingers than just thumb or index finger or swivel things around all of the time. it’s so much fun! (and people really look at you in a funny way on the subway when you suddenly tilt your device)

    cheers for linking to that button-blog, almost had forgotten about it!

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