Nordichi workshop papers

Update The papers are available to download as PDF.

Nordichi paper images

A selection of images from submitted papers, click for larger image.

The diverse range of topics and the varied backgrounds of the applicants for our Nordichi workshop in October is promising for a topic that spans architecture, hci, computer science, interaction and industrial design. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone in Oslo.

These are the 15 accepted papers:

Bootstrapping the Internet of Things
Claus Dahl, Imity

CybStickers - Simple Shared Ubiquitous Annotations for All
Odd-Wiking Rahlff, Sintef. (See also Cybstickers)

Designing Expressive Near Field Interactions
Johan Sandsjö, Hidden Interaction

Designing social affordances for material objects
Ulla-Maaria Mutanen & Matt Biddulph, University of Helsinki (See also Thinglink)

Everyday Intelligence
Gill Wildman, Plot (See the Everyday Intelligence film)

*The Kinetic User Interface *
Vincenzo Pallotta, Béat Hirsbrunner, Pervasive and Artificial Intelligence Research Group, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Mobile Prosumer
Florian Resatsch, Stephan Karpischek & Daniel Michelis, IEB, University of Arts Berlin

PERvasive serviCe Interaction
John Hamard, DoCoMo Euro-Labs

RFID work
Morten Borup Harning RFIDsec

Responsible design of connected objects
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Security Aspects in Design of Touch-based Applications
Janne Jalkanen, Nokia

Social Construction Kits for Kids, Digital Infrastructures for Pervasive Play
Martin Brynskov, Interactive Spaces, University of Aarhus

Unconscious Kitchen, Everyday domestic behaviors & Blackbox, Public Energy Awareness
Joseph Yang

Use of Near Field Communication in emergency Rescue situations
Gunnar Kramp, Aarhus School of Architecture

Waschsalon mobile service
Chris Woebken

You can only touch what is there
Chris Heathcote, Nokia

We also had expressions of interest from Willem Velthoven with the Symbolic Table and Rob van Kranenburg. We’ll keep in touch and hope you can attend.

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    [...] I’ll be presenting the thoughts we have on a data rich presence in the real world at Nordichi in October. Program and people there looks exciting so I’m very much looking forward to that. The context of my own presentation is “what can we do with the technology that’s there” and the answer lies somewhere along one of my general principles “If you have data, you need much less technology”. We can make our environment smarter with a little bit of personal history to assist the technology. Think Amazon collaborative filtering. I.e. replacing natural text recognition, smart but complex queries, and book metadata (what librarians used to think it took to make good book collections) with the statistics of shopping histories. [...]

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