More upcoming RFID events

On Monday 8th May the RFID Innovasjonssenter is having it’s opening event in Oslo (See here for more details in Norwegian). The project is centred around logistics and the supply chain, but they mention NFC, so there might be relevant things for Touch.

Then there is the Internet of Things workshop from 9-11 May at Mediamatic in Amsterdam:

“In our RFID workshops we explore the social implications and artistic possibilities of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. This technology uniquely identifies physically tagged objects, and is expected to prompt an all-round ‘Internet of Things’. Through a fruitful mixture of theory and hands-on experimentation, participants get to turn their ideas into creative RFID prototypes.”

I will be participating in the How I learned to love RFID workshop in Dordmund from the 19-22 May.

Here are some details of the public event (which includes Bruce Sterling):

“A series of lectures brings together approaches and projects that artistically and critically deal with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology – a technology that is significantly being developed and advanced by companies and research institutes in Dortmund. This technology which at first glance seems to be a simple further development of the bar code (well known from the supermarket) is much more powerful that the good old bar code technology. RFID tags are passive radio transmitters, which upon receiving a minor wireless energy impulse are sending back the information stored on their memory. Today, this information can be read already at a distance of six meters – without the process getting noticed. In addition, with its unique identification numbering system, this technology will allow for a precise identification of every object worldwide. What will it be like to live in a world where all the objects constantly will be talking to each other?”

10:00-18:00 CEST, 20 May
HMKV, PHOENIX Halle, Hochofenstraße / Ecke Rombergstraße, Dortmund-Hörde, Germany

Then on 29 - 30 May is the followup to the first Blogject workshop organised by Nicolas Nova and Julian Bleecker at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“The present workshop is therefore a more “hands-on” follow-up. In the form of a two days retreat, its aim is now to design the networked artifact of the future (be it a blogject, a pervasive device, a slogging place, a locative thing, a pre-spime or an everyware). The idea is to have 3-4 groups made up of people with different skills and background to go through usage scenario, prototype implementation and socio-cultural implementation discussion.”

Reboot is from from 1 - 2 June, not directly related to RFID or ubicomp but if it’s anything like last year, will offer an interesting mix of technology, web and social perspectives, much like LIFT06.

“Reboot is a community event for the practical visionaries who are at the intersection of digital technology and change all around us… 2 days. 400 people. A journey into the interconnectedness of creation, participation, values, openness, decentralization, collaboration, complexity, technology, p2p, humanities, connectedness and many more areas.”

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